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Reach authors who have a rich and impactful publication history

Web of Science Author Connect™ helps you find the right researchers from over 250 subject disciplines. We work with you to build customized lists to meet your campaign goals, ensuring that your campaign makes the most impact.

Using data from the Web of Science Core Collection™, with comprehensive coverage in terms of subject, region and medium, our lists help you to reach active authors who have published in a trusted set of publications. With multiple segmentation and targeting options, our experienced team will work with you to build the right solution for your campaign – whether you want broad targeting or a highly specialized list.

Reach authors who have a rich and impactful publication history

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    Total publications: Set a bespoke minimum publication threshold.
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    Total citations: Combine your list search criteria with a researcher's total citation count across all papers.
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    H-index: Cross-reference your search request with an author’s h-index.

Who is it for?

For publishers

  • Encourage submissions for your titles
  • Drive readership and usage
  • Increase brand awareness

For corporations

  • Build demand for your products
  • Increase awareness of your brands
  • Attract the attention of new collaborators

For academia

  • Build on your university’s reputation
  • Attract new collaborators
  • Promote new curricula, programs or initiatives

Why use Web of Science Author Connect?

Target on an author level

  • Target authors based on academic affiliations and countries/ regions
  • Set search criteria based on keywords, subject areas and topics
  • Source on citing authors – those who have or have not published, or cited articles, in specific journals
  • Search by total publications, total citations or h-index

Multiple targeting options to reach the right audience

  • Target over 250 subject categories across the sciences, arts and the humanities, and the social sciences
  • Target authors from the Emerging Sources Citation Index™ (ESCI) and Book Citation Index™ (BKCI)
  • Base your selection on open access at a journal level
  • Focus on specific funding agencies for your selections

Features to boost campaign performance

  • Personalize your campaigns with dynamic content – change images, subject lines and calls to action
  • Re-blast your campaign to all those who have not opened their email
  • Send subject lines and email bodies in local language
  • Optimized send: use feedback from previous campaigns to help increase engagement

All your campaign needs covered

  • Compliance and data protection: confidence that your campaign is compliant with relevant privacy and data protection laws
  • Monitor your campaign performance with our comprehensive e-tracker dashboard and download the data for further analysis

Reach the right researchers

Find out how Web of Science Author Connect can support your campaign needs

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