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75% of academic journal editors say that finding reviewers and getting them to accept review invitations is the hardest part of their job.

We want to change that to help accelerate research.

Web of Science Reviewer Locator helps you:

  • Quickly find relevant, available, and motivated reviewers
  • Reduce administrative workload recruiting reviewers
  • Expand your pool of reviewers
  • Prevent reviewer fraud with more information to assess reviewer candidates
  • Speed up overall peer review times and get publications out faster, improving the experience for submitting authors


Powerful and accurate search

Our powerful algorithm trawls the extensive Web of Science publication and citation index, and Publons’ exclusive review database to return up to 30 precise recommendations from over 7-million authors.

Comprehensive search parameters:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Journal name
  • Authors
  • Exclude researchers


360° view of review candidates

We surface more information to help you choose the right review candidates to invite, including:

  • Publications matched to search
  • Publication, editorial, and review history
  • Research fields
  • Biography and institutional affiliations
  • Current availability to review


Reliably contact prospective reviewers

Researchers can be nomadic, moving between institutions and changing email addresses.

Reviewer Locator provides a researcher’s latest contact email address from Web of Science, as well as one-click access to trusted sources for contact information, including:

  • Institutional profiles
  • Most recently published papers

Integrates directly into your workflow

Reviewer Locator is available as a web interface or can integrate into your existing management systems using our unique API.

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