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Research Professional NewsTM provides authoritative, editorially independent news, analysis and commentary that helps your entire institution make better decisions.

Focusing on research policy, research funding and higher education, our news provides regional, national and international coverage of developments at government departments, funding agencies and institutions.

With a specialist editorial team around the world, we take an objective, independent view of events, breaking exclusive news and probing the detail behind official statements to provide invaluable insights on the research policy and funding environment to everyone in your institution. Research Professional News is combined with Pivot-RP, a comprehensive source for funding opportunities and collaborator discovery.

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  1. Stay ahead of research policy news
    Enhance your institution’s decision-making process using research funding and policy news that is carefully sourced, organized, and distilled by an expert team of specialist journalists.
  2. Extend communications and outreach
    Leverage powerful, integrated communication tools to extend the research office’s capabilities to share funding news and information proactively and efficiently to targeted sets of individuals and groups.

  3. Benefit from the latest analysis by sector leaders
    Research Professional News publishes regular in-depth commentary from leading figures in global higher education and research policy, including university leaders, government ministers and funders.

  4. Find out what funders really want
    Research Professional News provides insight from funders into what they are looking for in upcoming calls, and interviews with previous grant winners sharing tips from their winning bids.

Product highlights

  1. Global reach
    International News, insight and intelligence and funding coverage spanning Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and North America.
  2. Local knowledge
    Specialist journalists based around the world, who seek out and explain the most important developments in their region for both local and international audiences.

  3. Timesaving
    Delivers information that suits your needs, saving you the time and effort involved in filtering out irrelevant information.

  4. Extensive coverage
    Topics covered include government policy, funding agencies, publishing, regulation and research culture.

  5. Customizable
    With a range of daily and weekly bulletins, digital magazines, and the option of fully personalized email alerts, it’s easy to tailor our news to your needs.

  6. Advertising
    Advertising service that enables you to get your opportunities and vacancies direct to the right people.

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