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Accelerate research breakthroughs and drive your institutional research strategy with best-in-class publication and citation data.

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Research with confidence

Research with confidence

  1. Advance innovative research
    Uncover new connections between ideas and detect emerging fields as you search journal, conference, and book content across 250+ research areas, all connected via citation.
  2. Protect your research reputation
    Power your programs with a publisher-neutral, curated resource trusted by more researchers worldwide than any other citation database.
  3. Assess and monitor research impact
    Capture the most accurate view of your citation impact with a meticulously indexed dataset. Identify research that builds on your discoveries and explore the influence of your institution’s research.
Build on a reliable research foundation

Build on a reliable research foundation

  1. Don’t miss a thing
    50+ years of consistent, accurate, and complete indexing has created a dataset of unmatched quality. Cover-to-cover indexing, complete cited reference, author, and affiliation data, and accurate subject classifications provide certainty that your analysis is free of gaps.
  2. Stay confident in your results
    Independent, in-house editorial experts evaluate and select journals to provide you with a dataset of the world’s leading journals that is free from potential industry bias or conflict of interest. Rigorous selection and curation processes guard against the inclusion of untrustworthy titles.
  3. Trace the evolution of an idea
    Over 120 years of comprehensive data enables you to explore the full scope and origins of an idea.
  4. Find experts faster
    Web of Science Researcher Profiles provide a 360-degree view of an individual’s scholarly contributions, including publications, citation metrics, peer reviews, and journal editing work, helping you showcase your work and identify collaborators quickly.
  5. Gain deeper insight
    Algorithmically classified citations reveal how a paper was cited so you can easily conduct targeted searches for background or basis articles and pinpoint must-read papers.
  6. Stay up to date
    Broad, multidisciplinary conference coverage helps you find cutting-edge discoveries, while daily updates and a suite of alerts help you stay current on a topic, monitor competitor activity, and track who is citing your work and the work of others.
Trusted content from the world's leading sources

Trusted content from the world's leading sources

  • 1.9BN
    cited references
  • 85.9M
    records going back to 1900
  • 21K+
    peer-reviewed journals
  • 300K+
    conferences covered
  • 134K+
    books covered
  • 20M
    records with funding data
  • 17.2M
    open access records with full text links
  • 254
    subject categories across the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities

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