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Converis™ integrates the management of research information and internal workflows, bringing together data from external and internal sources into a single platform. Different stakeholders have different needs – that’s why Converis offers more than projects and publications information . Converis offers a holistic approach, covering the complete research lifecycle from pre-award to post-award.

Converis is a powerful interface that links the various institutional systems that capture research-related information, and reduces the need for repeated entry of information. Converis serves as a central integration hub for joining repositories, personal libraries, institutional databases, and other institutional systems. Offering unmatched configuration capabilities, Converis gives you control of the data model, workflows, user rights and integrations.

With  Converis you can:

With Converis you can:

  1. Manage your workflows - Customize and manage various research workflows, tasks, delegations, and approvals.
  2. Make actionable decisions - Aggregate data and create live dashboards, charts, and tables for internal and external stakeholders to advise budgeting, expenditure, and forecasting decisions.
  3. Track publication date - Collect, validate, and report on research publication; track bibliographic metadata as well as full text, including Open Access repository integration.
  4. Manage awards – Track a project from the initial idea and award application process through the research itself, up to the final outcome including publications and citations of published work.
  5. Make your work visible - Promote and publicize the research, researchers, and activities of your institution via a public, searchable web portal.

Why use Converis?

Save time spent on manual, administrative work and enhance the accuracy and consistency of your data

Integration with other Clarivate research products*

Use the Journal Citation Reports™ to include Journal Level Metrics (including the Journal Impact Factor™) and use the InCites API to extract article-level contextualized bibliometrics from the Web of Science Core Collection™. These metrics will help you assess the impact of publications authored by your researchers and the journals in which they were published. Export date to the My Organization module within InCites to assess your researchers and departments.

*Subscription to the products or APIs may be required

Embedded reports

See reports directly on any browser page or in your research portal using Pentaho reports, including efficiency reports showing how much time each step in your processes takes, for easy identification of bottlenecks.

Automatic publication matcher

Automatically extract new publications from Web of Science and match them to your researchers.

Configurable registration page

Your ‘new user’ registration page is configurable with an advanced drag-and-drop intuitive feature.

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