Postoperative Pain – Unmet Need – Detailed, Expanded Analysis : Postoperative Pain

Postoperative pain is one of the key segments comprising the larger market for acute pain therapies. It has experienced strong growth over the past decade owing to the uptake of Pacira BioSciences’ Exparel in the United States. Nevertheless, unmet need remains for potent postoperative pain therapies that are not opioid analgesics and that can stave off persistent pain. Emerging therapies for moderate to severe postoperative pain will have to demonstrate convincing efficacy, safety, and convenience in multiple well-designed clinical trials and have these advantages translate into clinical practice. Given generic analgesics’ low price, wide availability, and entrenched position in the first-line treatment of postoperative pain, market access will be challenging for emerging postoperative pain therapies unless a strong value proposition is made.


  • What are the treatment drivers and goals for moderate to severe postoperative pain?
  • What drug attributes are key influences, which have limited impact, and which are hidden opportunities?
  • How do current therapies perform on key treatment drivers and goals for moderate to severe postoperative pain?
  • What are the prevailing areas of unmet need and market opportunity in moderate to severe postoperative pain?
  • What trade-offs are acceptable to U.S. and European anesthesiologists for a hypothetical moderate to severe postoperative pain drug?


Unmet Need supports clinical development decisions by identifying key attributes and assessing areas of unmet need for a specific disease or subpopulation. Based on surveys with U.S. and European physicians, this report provides insight into key treatment drivers and goals, the performance of current therapies, and the remaining commercial opportunities. One market scenario is profiled in detail by DRG experts, and additional customized market scenarios can be evaluated with the corresponding TPP simulator.

Markets covered: United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany

Primary research: Survey of 61 U.S. and 31 European anesthesiologists

Key companies: Pacira BioSciences, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, Baudax Bio, AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Trevena, Innocoll Pharmaceuticals, Heron Therapeutics, Durect

Key drugs: Exparel, Ofirmev, Anjeso, Dsuvia, Zalviso, Olinvyk, Xaracoll, Zynrelef (HTX-011), Posimir


  • Target Product Profile (TPP) simulator based on conjoint analysis methodology
  • Stated versus derived importance of product attributes on prescribing behavior
  • Assessment of current drug performance against treatment drivers and goals
  • Physician perceptions of unmet needs in the indication and related indications
  • Analysis of remaining drug development opportunities

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