Taking the Pulse EU5 2019 | Gastroenterologists | Without Comparison

Taking the Pulse® Europe showcases physicians’ needs and multichannel and tech behaviour; what physicians want from pharma reps and digital services; which tactics influence prescribing; and how to improve your HCP engagement. Analyst insights are based on a study of 1,400 physicians in Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Specialist included in this report: Gastroenterologists (n = 150) | Geography: Europe

DRG’s Taking the Pulse® Europe 2019 research includes three new approaches to offer a deeper view into physicians’ multichannel behaviour and preferences for pharma messaging:

  • Physician Journey Touchpoints – While the patient journey map is a familiar construct, DRG analysis reveals a corresponding physician journey of key learning and decision-making stages. Research shows varied behaviour for the type of information physicians rely on and where they seek it when learning about treatments for the first time, when providing a patient a new diagnosis, when deciding on which first-line treatment to prescribe, and when considering switching a patient’s treatment.
  • Digital Landscape & Behaviour Assessment – Analysis marries the reported, survey-based insights on how and why physicians arrive at pharma company websites with a web analytics-based assessment of actual behavioural data on traffic sources, reach, and engagement metrics for top brand and service portal websites in EU5 markets. Alongside insights on physicians’ preferred interaction models with pharma companies, this paints a detailed picture of the digital landscape and nuances to drive physicians to visit pharma digital assets through effective multichannel messaging.
  • In-depth Qualitative Interviews – Beyond quantified data analysis, insights from more than 20 in-depth interviews with physicians across a representative mix of countries and specialty areas reveal an additional layer of insight into customer behaviour, preferences, and needs around pharma digital engagement.