Taking the Pulse – US – 2015 – Digital HCP Sources – Segmentation – PCPs (GP/FM/IM)

Taking the Pulse® Digital HCP Sources explores how physicians use digital resources for their work and clinical decisions, with a focus on how they engage with specific websites, journals, apps, networks and other professional sources.

Key questions addressed include:

• Multiscreen use: With three device use now commonplace, what role does each screen play in physician workflow throughout the course of their day?
• Information-seeking: What is the role of both online and offline resources (pharma vs non pharma) in various workday scenarios?
• Utilization of websites and apps: To what extent are physicians relying on various professional resources throughout the workday? How frequently do physicians turn to certain resources over others?
• Device and resource preference: In which scenarios do certain devices and professional resources prevail over others?
• Online video: How can online video best be harnessed to engage physicians?