Bispecific Therapies – Special Topics – Special Topics: Bispecific Therapies (G7 And China)

Bispecific therapies represent a class of drug with two binding sites directed at two different antigens or epitopes. This dual action makes bispecific therapies a promising approach to improve target specificity. These therapies can be designed to recruit and activate immune cells, interfere with receptor signaling, and inactivate signaling ligand. Drug manufacturers are extensively exploring bispecific therapies either as monotherapy or in combination with other targeted immunotherapies. To date, six bispecific therapies have been approved across the G7 and China, for both hematological malignancies and solid tumors. This Special Topics report provides a comprehensive view of the current bispecific therapy landscape and pipeline, with coverage of therapies in early-phase through late-phase development across a range of oncology indications.


  • What is the current landscape for approved bispecific therapies? What are the key trends? What impact will these treatments have in their respective oncology indications?
  • What does the bispecific therapy pipeline look like by phase of development? What are the key classes of therapies? What are the key developers? In which geographies is development focused?
  • What are the trends in the development of bispecific therapies? In which oncology indications most bispecific therapies are being investigated? What are the key targets in solid and hematological tumors?


United States, EU5, Japan, and China


In-depth interviews with six key opinion leaders (hematologist-oncologists); analysis of industry and company reports; peer-reviewed journals; pipeline databases (Cortellis,; industry / scientific conferences; news; media


Blincyto, Kadulini, Kimmtrak, Lunsumio, Rybrevant, and Tecvayli


Therapies in Phase III development (e.g., glofitamab, elranatamab, epcoritamab)


Clarivate’s Special Topics reports assess key trends in dynamic disease areas. This report offers a comprehensive pipeline analysis of the bispecific therapy landscape in relevant oncology indications.

Table of contents

  • Bispecific Therapies - Special Topics - Special Topics: Bispecific Therapies (G7 And China)
    • Bispecific Therapies in Oncology: Pipeline Analysis

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