Heart Failure | Pharmacor | G7 | 2014

The number of diagnosed acute heart failure (AHF) events and prevalent chronic heart failure (CHF) cases in the seven major markets that we cover is increasing annually, driven by changes in the population size and composition. Consequently, heart failure is a significant healthcare burden, related primarily to hospitalizations. The prognosis for heart failure patients after hospitalization remains bleak: the rate of recurrent hospitalization at one year approaches 70%, and the incidence of death at one year is approximately 42%. Pharmacological therapy for AHF has been unchanged for decades. No treatment has yet been shown, convincingly, to reduce morbidity and mortality in CHF patients with preserved ejection fraction. Recent efforts to develop new therapies for AHF and CHF have been largely unsuccessful. Therefore, a significant unmet need and opportunity exists for heart failure therapies that can improve symptoms and patient survival and reduce the rate of rehospitalization..

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