Orthotic Devices – Market Insights – United States

Despite a changing and challenging reimbursement landscape, the US market for orthotic devices will continue to grow at a modest rate through 2027, primarily driven by favorable demographics, increasing awareness of these devices, and technological improvements.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for orthotic devices in the US across a 10-year period.

Changes in reimbursement will impact this market throughout the forecast period.

How will policy adjustments to Medicare’s CBP affect products in the orthopedic brace market?

How will these changes affect the ASPs and growth potential of these products?

Companies with diverse product portfolios lead this market.

Which competitors are leveraging broad product portfolios to increase market shares?

What opportunities exist in such a commoditized market?

Technology is starting to play a stronger role in the industry.

What product/manufacturing innovations are companies pursuing to gain an advantage in an increasingly competitive environment?

What benefit do these product improvements carry to both patients and manufacturers?

Table of contents