ePharma Consumer 2015 Bottom Line Report – Social Media Strategy Playbook

While pharma has been slow to engage patients through social channels due to hazy regulatory guidelines, for healthcare brands that wish to remain relevant, a social media strategy is imperative. This report will examine healthcare consumer attitudes toward and the impact of social media for health, with an eye toward helping pharmas understand the increasing importance of social and helping them shape or strengthen their existing social media strategy.

Question answered in this report:

  • What is the impact of social media on patients’ health decision-making?
  • What are patient expectations for pharma in social media? Who is setting expectations for customer service and engagement? How are other industries driving consumer expectations for customer support, service, and experience through social media?
  • How are online consumers looking to engage with pharma via social media? Where are they looking for health information on social media?
  • How should pharma be leveraging different social media channels to engage with patients and key stakeholders? What are best practices for pharma?