Crohn’s Disease – Current Treatment – Detailed, Expanded Analysis (EU)

Multiple well-established therapies are available to treat Crohn’s disease (CD). In particular, the most widely used biologics—the TNF-α inhibitors (e.g., Janssen/Merck’s Remicade, AbbVie/Eisai’s Humira)—have helped advance CD treatment, especially for moderate to severe disease, and are now entrenched as first-line biologics. In the past three years, the CD treatment landscape has witnessed the approval of two novel biologics (i.e., Takeda’s Entyvio and Janssen’s Stelara), one stemcell therapy (i.e., TiGenix/Takeda’s Alofisel), and the launch of several biosimilars of infliximab and adalimumab (e.g., Celltrion’s Remsima, Amgen’s Amgevita), further expanding physicians’ treatment armamentarium. Indeed, the availability of these agents has influenced physicians’ prescribing behavior and will continue to have an impact on the treatment landscape.

Questions Answered:

  • What drug classes are the patient-share leaders in different lines of therapy? How are various biological agents being positioned in surveyed physicians’ treatment algorithm?
  • What are the most influential drivers for treatment selection, and under which scenarios do/will physicians prescribe Entyvio and Stelara?
  • What are the common treatment scenarios before initiating the different biological agents (i.e., Remicade, Humira, biosimilar infliximab, biosimilar adalimumab, Entyvio, and Stelara)? What is the course of action upon discontinuing these agents?
  • What factors drive therapy discontinuation and switch? What factors have/will drive recent/anticipated prescribing changes?

Markets covered: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and United Kingdom

Primary research: 251 gastroenterologists completed the survey. Of that total, 50 respondents were in France, 50 in Germany, 50 in Italy, 50 in Spain, and 51 in the United Kingdom. The survey was fielded from July 22 to August 16, 2019.

Key companies: Merck & Co., Celltrion, Hospira, Biogen, AbbVie/Eisai, Biogen, Amgen, Sandoz, Takeda, Janssen, others

Key drugs: adalimumab (Humira and biosimilars), Entyvio, infliximab (Remicade and biosimilars), Stelara

Product Description: Current Treatment: Physician Insights provides physician insights on treatment dynamics, prescribing behavior, and drivers of brand use so that marketers can create specific messaging around these treatment dynamics to more effectively increase or defend their market position.

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