Asthma | Current Treatment | EU5 | 2016

Asthma treatment generally includes rescue therapy to relieve acute exacerbations and maintenance therapy to prevent future attacks. A wide array of well-established therapies spanning multiple classes are available to treat the symptoms of asthma in a step-up manner. With the launch of newer agents with novel mechanisms of action and with more-intense competition from branded-generic/generic alternatives of mainstay inhaler therapies, the treatment landscape is become increasingly complex. As such, understanding the many decision points that clinicians face, as well as the forces that influence their choice of treatment, is crucial for companies facing this complicated market.

The Asthma Current Treatment Overview provides a synopsis of current treatment goals, key therapies, and medical practice in the G7 markets. The detailed, expanded analysis in the Asthma Current Treatment (EU5) offers a snapshot of how pulmonologists in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom are managing their asthma patients, as well as insight into the factors driving their prescribing habits.

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