Alzheimer’s Disease – China In-Depth – Alzheimer’s Disease | China In-Depth | China | 2021

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive and irreversible brain disorder that leads to a decline in cognitive abilities, affecting memory and causing the deterioration of patients’ social and occupational functioning. Treatment of the disease in China comprises a handful of symptomatic options that offer modest efficacy for a limited period, leaving substantial opportunity for more-effective drugs that can slow the disease’s course. Despite multiple late-phase failures, pharma companies continue to invest heavily in disease-modifying approaches, owing to the tremendous clinical and commercial opportunity in this area. With the recent approval of China-based Green Valley’s sodium oligomannurarate and the expected launch of multiple anti-amyloid MAbs, the Alzheimer’s disease therapy market in China is expected to expand significantly over the 2020-2030 forecast period. Additionally, in view of the ongoing reforms in China’s regulatory and access and reimbursement landscape, multinational companies will be increasingly encouraged to enter this market.


  • How large is China’s drug-treatable Alzheimer’s disease population, and how will drug-treatment rates change during the forecast period?
  • Which are the most commercially relevant drugs in China’s Alzheimer’s disease market and why? What are interviewed experts’ insights into current treatment options?
  • What are the key market access considerations for therapies in the Alzheimer’s disease pipeline in China? What sales/uptake could they secure? What are interviewed experts’ opinions of key emerging therapies?
  • What are the key drivers and constraints in China Alzheimer’s disease therapy market, and how will the market evolve over the forecast period?


China In-Depth offers comprehensive market intelligence, including world-class epidemiology, keen insight into the China-specific A&R environment, current treatment paradigms, in-depth pipeline assessments, and drug forecasts supported by detailed primary and secondary research. This solution helps companies gauge commercial outlooks and optimize clinical development, subpopulation targeting, physician messaging, and overall long-term strategy in China.


Dec 2021




Country-specific qualitative and quantitative insights driven by 5 thought-leader interviews and surveys with 50 neurologists


Diagnosed prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease in urban versus rural China; clinically relevant and market-relevant drug-treatable populations


10-year, annualized, drug-level sales and patient shares of key Alzheimer’s disease therapies through 2030, based on primary and secondary market research to formulate bottom-up assumptions


Phase III/PR: 9 drugs; Phase II: 3 drugs; coverage of select preclinical and Phase I products