Cybercitizen Health U.S. 2016 Asthma Patients Segmentation (No Comparison)

Cybercitizen Health® US is a study and strategic advisory service focused on helping clients understand digital behavior and needs across the asthma patients experience, meet them with the right content and support in the right places, and plan for patient-centric solutions to drive outcomes. 


Questions answered in this report:

  • Understanding the dynamics at the point-of-care: How consumers choose their healthcare provider? What activities do they do online before a doctor’s visit? What patient support is needed for their decision-making?
  • A look at digital communication outside point-of-care: What digital communication methods do consumers use to connect with their doctors? What’s the impact of health measurement tracking and sharing with the doctor on consumers’ health management?
  • A deep dive on telehealth: How and why virtual visits are used? What are the outcomes as a result of virtual visits? What are the desired online follow-up materials?
  • Digital patient journey: What are the challenges within the healthcare system? How do consumers leverage digital channels along the patient journey? 
  • Engagement with health content on social media: How does social media impact decision- making? What type of content should brands develop? What type of health influencers on social media have the most impact? 

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