Urological Devices – Market Insights – Japan

Driven by the increasing prevalence of kidney conditions in this region, the market for Japanese urological devices will continue to expand through 2032, despite the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, market growth will be hindered by the complex regulatory environment in Japan, which will inhibit the availability and uptake of new premium-priced devices to some extent.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the state of the market for urological devices in Japan from 2019 through 2032.

Internationally, a great deal of negative publicity has emerged surrounding the safety of synthetic mesh products.

How will this impact the genitourinary mesh market in Japan?

Positive changes in reimbursement have influenced the adoption of premium-priced urological devices in Japan.

Which markets are most affected by these reimbursement changes?

What impact has this change had on physician preferences?

The markets for capital equipment, such as holmium laser systems and ESWL systems, have essentially reached saturation in Japan.

What are some factors that particularly impact the Japanese market for these devices?

What is the revenue outlook for these devices?

How many of these devices are currently installed in Japan, and how many new units will be installed through the forecast period?

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