Large-Joint Reconstructive Implants – Market Insights – United States

Following strong recovery from COVID-19–related procedure delays in 2021, the large-joint reconstructive implant market has returned to a more moderate growth rate. Long-term growth of the market will be driven by the uptake of novel technologies such as patient-conforming and 3-D printed implants, smart implants, robotic- and navigation-assisted surgeries, and minimally invasive techniques. In addition, although the increasing shift of procedures to the ASC and outpatient settings will place downward pressure on ASPs, this trend will also make procedures less expensive for patients, driving growth overall.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the state of the market for large-joint reconstructive implants in the US from 2019 through 2032.

Ongoing site-of-service shifts are driving innovation in the large-joint reconstructive implant market to improve OR efficiency and reduce cost.

Which procedures are seeing an increasing shift to outpatient settings?

How are companies tailoring their strategies to cater to the needs of hospital outpatient departments and ASCs?

Which products are being developed to enable shorter surgery and recovery times in outpatient settings?

The four leading orthopedic device manufacturers continue to dominate the US large-joint reconstructive implant market.

What strategies are being adopted by large manufacturers to compete and improve their shares in the US market?

How are smaller competitors maintaining their presence in the market?

Robotic-assisted and digital enablement technologies will have a significant impact on the US large-joint reconstructive implant market.

What has driven the recent innovations in robotics from major competitors in the large-joint reconstructive implant space?

How are companies changing their product mix in response to trends surrounding robotic assistance, navigation technologies, and personalized implants?

How is the adoption of robotic surgery systems and related ecosystems impacting the market and practice within the OR?

What new software and analytics capabilities are manufacturers adding to their service offerings?

Implant innovation and a focus on minimally invasive approaches will continue to drive market trends.

What large-joint reconstructive procedure approaches are gaining popularity?

What new features and fixation methods are manufacturers including in new implants?

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