Heart Valve Devices – Market Insights – Europe

The European heart valve device market will be driven by positive results for THV devices from clinical trials, new product launches, and the rapid adoption of THV devices, resulting in moderate growth through 2032. Furthermore, novel devices and device types will continue to emerge in the coming years and access new patient populations, generating continued growth in this market.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the state of the market for heart valve devices in Europe from 2019 through 2032.

New THV technologies, including TTVR and TMVI, are emerging in the European market.

How will the recent approval of TTVR and TMVI devices impact the European heart valve devices market?

Which new THV devices are going to enter the market? What will be the impact of the THV devices recently approved in market?

Will new TMVR devices be able to compete with MitraClip when they enter the market?

How will the TTVR market grow over the forecast period?

The THV replacement device segment represents rapid growth opportunity in the European heart valve device market.

How are clinical studies and guidelines impacting the uptake of THV replacement devices?

What clinical trials are currently underway that could further expand the addressable patient population for TAVR?

What will be the market impact of the approval of expanded indications for TAVR?

How will the preliminary results from the ongoing clinical trials impact the adoption of heart valve devices?

How will the change in reimbursements impact the TAVR market?

Market leaders in the European heart valve device market are consolidating or capturing sales and improving market shares by acquiring smaller competitors.

What will be the impact of the recent merger and acquisition activities on the heart valve device market? 

Which are the newer players in the European heart valve device market?

What technologies are larger players adding to their product portfolios through acquisitions?

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