Gynecological Devices – Market Insights – United States

Growth in the US market for gynecological devices will be driven by various factors including the aging female population (and corresponding increase in treatments for incontinence and AUB), expanded indications of hormonal IUDs, and strong growth in ARC device sales. The market will also be fueled by the growing shift toward office-based procedures. Additionally, there will be a short-term increase in surgical methods of female sterilization owing to recent changes regarding the legality of abortions in several US states.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the state of the market for gynecological devices in the US from 2019 through 2032.

There continues to be an increasing preference for in-office procedures across multiple device segments.

What factors are driving the increase in office-based procedure volumes?

How will this influence the sale of devices in the impacted markets?

Mergers and acquisitions have been stirring up the competitive landscape.

What are the most relevant recent acquisitions to affect the market?

How will market shares and product portfolios be affected as a result of these acquisitions?

Some market segments are being negatively impacted by product safety concerns.

Which market segments are being impacted by safety concerns?

In which countries are these markets highly affected by these concerns, and in which countries are these markets less affected?

Clinical studies influence the adoption of devices by proving or disproving the efficacy of various treatments and devices.

What recent clinical studies have impacted the US gynecological device market?

How will the results of these studies influence current market shares?

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