Endoscope Service – Market Insights – United States

The US endoscope service market is expected to grow slowly over the forecast period, with OEMs representing the majority of revenues owing to their ability to provide exact model loaner endoscopes and access to proprietary parts and service manuals. In addition, third-party companies serving as one-stop solution for multiple brands of endoscopes and increasing adoption of minimally invasive procedures will positively impact market growth.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for endoscope service in the US from 2019 through 2032.

Increased adoption of disposable endoscopes or endoscopes that contain disposable components will impact the endoscope service market revenues.

What measures has the FDA implemented in response to contamination concerns associated with reprocessed scopes?

How do the FDA recommendations motivate healthcare facilities to transition toward the use of disposable endoscopes?

To what extent, the increased use of disposable endoscopes will limit the endoscope service market revenues?

OEMs will generate the majority of revenue in the US endoscope service market over the forecast period.

What measures are OEMs taking to maintain and improve their position in the market?

How will the current position of OEMs in endoscope segments will impact their position in endoscope service market?

What service benefits are OEMs offering to their customers?

What limitations are OEMs facing in the market?

How does the growth vary between OEMs and third-party endoscope servicing?

FDA regulations on third-party servicing of medical devices are expected in the near future.

What recent steps has the FDA undertaken with respect to third-party servicing?

How will the increase in FDA regulation impact the third-party servicing business?

What efforts are the OEMs undertaking to support the implementation of FDA guidelines for third-party servicing?

How are OEMs working to bring third-party servicing companies under FDA regulation?

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