Disease Incidence and Prevalence Summaries

Gain insight into the incidence and prevalence of over 1000 large and rare diseases

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Critical incidence and prevalence data you need to:

  • Assess and forecast patient populations to prioritize therapy areas.
  • Inform clinical trial feasibility, site selection and patient recruitment.
  • Manage disease burden and adequately fund healthcare resources to improve public health.

Expertly curated reports provide access to:

  • Epidemiology data for over 800 diseases, surgical procedures and other health issues.
  • Full citations from peer-reviewed journals and publications.
  • Microsoft Excel document with disease prevalence and/or incidence and 10+ year forecasts by geography.

Drug development

  • Understand the global epidemiology landscape and forecast future shifts in disease populations to prioritize therapy areas.
  • Access reliable epi-data from peer-reviewed, unbiased sources of publicly available journal data in an easy-to-read and analyze format.

Clinical trials

  • Position your clinical trials for success with data on the available patient population.
  • Understand the epidemiology of your specific target disease for accurate site selection and patient recruitment.
  • Conduct confident trial feasibility analyses with accurate epi data revealing the populations affected by diseases in a specific region.

Managing national disease burdens

  • Rely on factual epidemiology data to manage the disease burden and adequately fund healthcare resources.
  • Compare incidence and prevalence across regions to gain insights into the different approaches employed by governments, NGOs and healthcare providers to curtail the spread of disease and improve public health.

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