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Working as an extension of your internal IP team or your outside counsel network, Clarivate team of patent attorneys, registered patent agents and technical experts deliver domain knowledge and cost-savings to all phases of the preparation and prosecution process.

From provisional patent drafting to responding to office actions, our solutions can be implemented on a project or a full-time basis.

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Because cost matters and timing is everything.

Improve application pendency

Our prosecution expertise combined with proven quality assurance and workflow processes quickly identifies and resolves application issues, reduces the number of office actions and mitigates delays during prosecution.

Support a low-cost filing strategy

Our multi-shore service model delivers a cost-effective approach to prosecute and obtain patents that are of medium to low priority within your portfolio.

Extend the capability of your team

Dedicated teams are built to work directly with your attorneys and inventors to support and compliment your internal team as they deliver against your patent strategy.

Reallocate internal resources

Free up your internal teams to focus more on strategic priorities such as litigation, licensing, etc., and less time focusing on patent preparation and prosecution related activity without compromising quality.

Delivering value and expertise to patent prosecution.

Application drafting

Our dedicated teams draft and prepare patent applications that firmly stands up to review at the USPTO, PCT and EPO offices including:

  • Provisional Applications
  • Non-Provisional Patent Applications
  • Patent illustrations
  • Sequence listing preparation
  • Design Applications
  • Filing Packages
  • Foreign Filing Support

Working together with your internal team, we invest time up front to mindfully craft your patent applications to secure the broadest rights, address potential obstacles and reduce the number of office actions, saving time and money and improving application pendency.

Illustrations & formal drawings

Clarivate illustrations team deliver formal drawings and illustrations for utility and design patents as a standalone service or as a component of the patent application filing package.  Comprised of engineers each with distinct technical domain expertise, the team delivers over 6,000 figures a year using the latest software programs including AutoCAD, Visio and ChemDraw.

All illustrations are quality checked for PTO compliance resulting in 100% acceptance rate.

Office action responses

Our team provides a cost-effective and efficient solution to both routine and substantive office actions including:

  • Office Action reviews
  • Formulating strategies to overcome objections
  • Drafting formal responses

Our approach entails working closely with your internal team of patent attorneys and inventors and engaging with the examiner in the beginning of the prosecution to agree on the scope of claims thus keeping office actions to a minimum.

Sequence listing preparation

Our team of experienced patent professionals with training, background and degree in chemistry, biology or life sciences related domains provides biological sequence listings in compliance with USPTO and WIPO requirements including ST.25 TXT and ST.26 XML formats.

Optimizing alternative fee arrangements


Corporations are working to drive more value from their outside counsel by negotiating fixed fee arrangements and other alternative billing models to support patent prosecution. Given this trend, law firms are rethinking how they bill for services with the goal of crafting “win-win” pricing models that control costs and provide greater budget predictability without compromising service quality.

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