Information Disclosure Statement Management

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Seamless IDS preparation

Preparing and filing Information Disclosure Statements (IDS) can be a significant drain on your paralegal resources.

We combine industry-leading software and proprietary tools with our team’s expert IP knowledge to provide a flexible, high-quality IDS service that saves time and reduces risk.

Our IDS & reference management trained experts and quality assurance make your resources go further faster without having to compromise on quality.

Why choose us?

  1. Free up your valuable paralegal resources.
    Offload repetitive IDS tasks from your paralegals, freeing them to focus on higher-value work.
  2. Make your budget go further.
    Outsourcing IDS reference management to Clarivate can save up to 50% of your in-house IDS costs, which can be reallocated to other tasks.
  3. A partner you can trust.
    You can rely on Clarivate’s paralegal team to deliver quality work on time, giving you peace of mind.

How we can help

A complete IDS reference management service

Enjoy the convenience of a complete IDS and reference management service. We handle it all, including matter intake, family relations, reference flow, obtention and validation of uncited references, SB-08 preparation and USPTO filing.

Process integration with docketing

Improve process speed and efficiency by combining IDS and docketing support in a seamless workflow that includes:

  • Automatic reference entry at the time of docketing correspondence.
  • IDS preparation request auto-triggered and sent to paralegals.
  • Prepared IDSs are sent to attorneys for review and decision to file.
  • Reference marking by category–cited, uncited, do not cite, etc.

Fast turnaround time

Work is performed quickly, usually within hours. Flexible scaling of resources enables us to accommodate larger volumes or tight timelines.

Consistent quality and reduced risk

We employ best practices, taking extra steps to deliver an IDS you can trust.

  • Validate uncited references from U.S., EP and PCT websites before preparing the IDS.
  • Use automation to ensure filing packages and citations are compliant with the USPTO’s job option requirements.
  • Ensure all references that need to be are cited.
  • Employ a risk-averse IDS and reference management process to help ensure task transparency and timeliness.

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