Medical Device Literature Reviews for EU MDR Clinical Evaluation Reports

The Dialog platform is the most comprehensive way to perform medical device literature reviews for EU MDR Clinical Evaluation Reports.

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Dialog® features over 140 literature databases combined with advanced search functionality. This makes it an efficient platform for performing literature reviews for Clinical Evaluation Reports as required by the EU Medical Device Regulation.

Medical Device Literature Reviews for Clinical Evaluation Reports with Dialog

EU MDR places stringent requirements on device manufacturers. One of the biggest challenges is the literature review element of your Clinical Evaluation Reports in accordance with the MEDDEV 2.7/1 revision 4 guidelines.

Whether it is the threat of missing a vital reference or your search not being sufficiently comprehensive, medical device manufacturers need to get it right.

The databases and search functionality in Dialog enable device manufacturers to create literature reviews for each of the different sections needed in a CER, including current knowledge, state of the art, clinical literature and post-marketing surveillance.

Dialog allows you to simultaneously search MEDLINE and other medical databases, using precision search tools. We can also help you create accurate PICO-based searches to ensure you don’t miss out on any clinical mentions of your devices.

Dialog provides all the relevant sources needed by medical device manufacturers to search for clinical data on their products. Look below at the reasons why Dialog should be your first choice for reviewing medical literature for your EU MDR Clinical Evaluation Reports.

Features and benefits

Comprehensive content

A thorough literature review for a CER needs to look at more than just MEDLINE. With the Dialog platform you can search and access over 140 content databases, including MEDLINE, Embase, BIOSIS Previews and our Health Research Premium Collection.

But our content extends beyond biomedical sources, and means you can look at news, business, engineering and patent databases for mentions of your devices. In addition, all content is standardised to provide a consistent search experience, eliminating the need for complex post-processing.

Precision search

Dialog delivers powerful search functionality across all databases on the platform, including an advanced search syntax (incorporating Boolean and proximity operators and truncation) and the ability to save and manage searches. This allows device manufacturers to easily create and manage multiple complex literature searches for the different elements of their CERs.

Dialog also features native XML output so that your search results can be integrated into other tools and downstream workflows.

Dialog medical synonyms

Dialog includes a medical synonym feature that allows you to add synonyms for each of your search terms with a single click. For device manufacturers, it means you can be confident that your literature search strategies contain additional relevant terms for your device. The synonyms have been taken from a variety of sources and taxonomies, including Stedman’s Medical Dictionary and MeSH.

Full-text access

Dialog offers integration with Article Galaxy and other document delivery methods to make it quicker, cheaper and easier to access full-text versions of relevant articles for your Clinical Evaluation Reports. From Dialog you have one click access to Article Galaxy from Research Solutions, giving you the option to rent or purchase the full-text version of the article you’ve found.

Saved searches

Dialog allows you to create, save and edit complex search strategies. This makes it easy to manage multiple literature review searches on a range of medical devices.

In addition, you can create automated email notifications for each saved search, delivering new clinical data and publications on your devices as they become available on Dialog.

Search strategy and alert services

Our expert team can help you create comprehensive, PICO-based search strategies to perform literature reviews for the different sections of a CER, including current knowledge, state of the art, clinical literature and post-marketing surveillance.

Flexible pricing

We provide the most flexible pricing framework in the industry. No matter your budget or the number of devices you need to search for, we can create a tailored pricing package using a combination of our transactional and subscription pricing models.

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