Working towards inclusivity and diversity in research

Dr Gali Halevi
Director at the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)
Jean-Francois Desvignes
Senior Consultant
Andrew O’Brien
Senior Director Science – Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia

Clarivate hosted an insightful Q&A discussion with Dr Gali Halevi, the new Director at the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) who shared her ideas and insights on the challenges faced by researchers and organisations working toward inclusive research across diverse groups.

Dr Halevi has an impressive career as an information specialist working across academia, publishing and corporate sectors.
In this webinar Dr Halevi outlines her ambitious vision for the future of ISI, focusing on high impact projects to further drive responsible and relevant research analytics and insights to support the global research community.

This webinar explores the following topics:

  • The level of disruption in research due to the pandemic, including challenges for early careers and research equality across gender and diverse groups.
  • How inclusive research activity is changing in response to the crisis.
  • What evidence exists about challenges for inclusive research.
  • How moving towards indicators that focus on real-world benefit will level the playing field.
  • How bibliometrics can help shed a light on these issues using Clarivate data.