On-demand Webinar

Virtual IP Forum Australasia 2021

Innovation agility and readiness in a changing environment

Clarivate Virtual IP Forum Australasia brings together key stakeholders from across the innovation lifecycle to share insights on the value of innovation in 2021.

Across many industries, a rising tide of business complexity and ambiguity is shaking markets and changing the nature and rules of competition. Today we are experiencing more than ever a digitally driven world changing the way forward-looking businesses operate, make decisions and drive innovation. New technologies and new uses for IP data are evolving, and whilst this can be a valuable source of business intelligence to drive decisions, it is inherently complex.

Learn how Innovation leaders have adapted to recent changes, and how ingenuity and innovation have been unlocked during these periods of change.

Explore this timely topic with a line-up of guest speakers representing key perspectives from the academic, legal and the corporate/R&D consultancy sector, as well as some of our experts at Clarivate. Hear from leading innovation thought-leaders, as they share their ideas, experiences and strategies for R&D, protection and management, IP commercialisation and the key factors of their success as innovators in the industry.

The forum will explore the following topics:

*The level of disruption in innovation activity due to the pandemic
*How innovation activity is changing in response to the crisis.
*How information professionals are seeing patent activity change.
*How collaboration and efficiency is challenged during these difficult times.

Stephanie Grant
Intellectual Property Manager and Patent Attorney
Naomi Pearce
Pearce IP
Stuart Douglas
Founder & Executive Director
Nicholas Mason
Regional IP Group Sales Lead
Helena Galan
Patent and Litigation Intelligence Consultant
Vashe Kanesarajah
Head of Strategic Development
Ed White
Head of IP Analytics
Jim Belfiore
Senior VP Advisory & Analytics Services
Rob Poolman
VP Web of Science Product Platform
Arun Hill
Analytics Consultant