The Future of Pharma: How to succeed with artificial intelligence

Ian Greenberg
Executive Director, Corporate & Business Development
Ketan Patel
VP, Cortellis Product Platform
Rick Finch
Global Head of Life Sciences Consulting Services

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has had a tremendous impact on nearly every industry over the last several years. The promise AI holds for organizations to decrease the costs, while increasing the speed and accuracy associated with core and secondary activities has driven significant investments. Our panel of experts share how artificial intelligence is set to change the drug lifecycle, with a particular focus on the impact to business development and licensing and regulatory affairs.

  • You’ll hear answers to the most pressing questions surrounding AI implementation, covering:
  • Finding the right use case for an AI solution
  • Preparing data to be used in an AI tool
  • Strategies to secure buy-in from senior leadership for an AI initiative
  • The risks of exploring AI and how to mitigate these
  • Critical success factors for an AI implementation

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