On-demand Webinar

Streamline your IP cost forecasting and budgeting within IPfolio

Carlos Leopoldo 
Lead Product Manager
Esmaeil Khaksari 
Senior Director, Product Management

In today’s idea-based economy, innovation is a core driver of business growth and competitive advantage. Corporate value is increasingly vested in intangible assets, including IP. This is driving a dramatic expansion in IP portfolios, with the attendant costs of securing, maintaining and protecting patent and trademark rights in a global marketplace also increasing.  

Watch the on-demand recording, where our experts will discuss Forecast – a new IP cost forecasting and budgeting tool that brings powerful predictive budget forecasting functionality to IPfolio, by automating and simplifing the process to enable faster budget approvals. 

Topics covered:

  • Understand the challenges IP professionals face with cost budgeting 
  • Find out how this new solution Forecast eliminates those challenges 
  • See a demonstration of Forecast
  • How to add it to your IPfolio package