Revolutionising the neurodegenerative space – fundraising, development & beyond

Guest: Sanjay Kakkar, CEO, Tranquis Therapeutics

In this fireside chat brought to you by Conversations in Healthcare, Mike Ward, Global Head of Thought Leadership at Clarivate talks to Sanjay Kakkar, CEO of San Francisco Bay-based start-up Tranquis Therapeutics. The company focuses on neurodegenerative diseases, an area where significant unmet medical need remains and that has presented the life sciences sector with major challenges for many years. Undaunted, Tranquis Therapeutics has successfully raised $30m in series A for their lead compound. In this interview Sanjay shares the milestones involved in both the development of their compelling compounds that are set to revolutionise the space, as well as the areas that attracted and intrigued their supportive investors. Mike and Sanjay also look to the future and touch on upcoming milestones such as clinical trials and possible commercialisation partnerships.

About our guest

  • Sanjay Kakkar
  • CEO
  • Tranquis Therapeutics

Dr. Sanjay Kakkar is a biotech entrepreneur and executive with over 25 years of experience in multinational, early stage and high growth enterprises. Currently the CEO of Tranquis Therapeutics, he has a track record of building innovative companies in the life sciences industries and advancing novel technologies for the improvement of human health. He served as CEO at Peptilogics, Armetheon, and Trigen (which he also co-founded), and was the founder and chairman of Jai Medica. Dr. Kakkar received his medical degree from King’s College, University of London, holds a Master’s degree in healthcare management from Harvard University and a Master’s degree in preventive cardiology from Imperial College.

About our host

  • Mike Ward
  • Head of Thought Leadership
  • Clarivate

Mike Ward serves as Global Head of Thought Leadership at Clarivate. As both a journalist and analyst, Mike has been writing, analyzing and commenting on the life sciences industry for more than 35 years. He has held editorial and content leadership roles at various publications and organizations across the industry.

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