Renal Denervation: How Has The Space Evolved In The Past 5 Years?

The renal denervation market has evolved dramatically over recent years.

Clarivate cardiovascular expert Sean Messenger discusses:

  • Major changes between five years ago and today
  • How those changes have impacted clinical trials


So, today the renal denervation clinical landscape is quite different than it was five to six years ago. Today, we have clinical data that actually shows that there is a benefit of renal denervation therapy. So, clinical data started coming out at the end of 2017 through 2018 and the trials that were run that generated that clinical data were quite different from the early renal denervation trials. And that’s really the key difference here. They’re evaluating a patient population that was much better defined compared to what was originally evaluated. And that better definition has allowed for a more rigorous approach to these clinical trials.