Raising the profile of journals through streamlined academic publication workflows

De La Salle University uses ScholarOne to streamline workflow and maintain a high quality standard of publications.

De La Salle University (DLSU) is one of the most influential universities in the Philippines and publishes 3 journals through its publishing house. These university journals attract increasing volumes of manuscripts regionally which stretches the lean team of editorial members’ capacities. This results in angry authors, frustrating experiences which risks the journals’ losing years of hard work building up the journals’ reputations.

To manage the pressures of handling a high volume of manuscript submissions, DLSU adopted ScholarOne since 2019 to automate editorial processes and to project a professional image.

Learn from the DLSU experience on how you can also grow your journal network, have happier authors, reviewers and continue to grow your reputation as a center of excellence for research and publishing.