Proving the value of boundary-pushing medical products

Mike Ward
Global Head of Thought Leadership
Life Sciences & Healthcare
Daniel English
Director, Regulatory Consulting
Sunita Nair
Practice Leader, Vice President
Meher Baba Kumar Nakka
Senior Analyst

Demonstrating safety and efficacy may be the first job life science companies undertake when working to bring new drugs and diagnostics to market. However, early stage value proposition development is fast becoming an invaluable exercise. Many life science companies are discovering that being able to pinpoint the value proposition of their assets early is not only helping them with reimbursement discussions but will also enhance interest from and negotiation with the right commercial partners.

As innovators push beyond established modalities and well-understood conditions, pharmas, biotechs and medtechs are being challenged to engage regulators and partners early and in greater depth in order to smooth their products’ path to market.

In this panel experts will discuss:

  • What measures matter: How regulators are making difficult calls about proxy measures and reimbursement in evaluating cutting-edge treatments, devices and diagnostics
  • Making the case: What strategies can help innovators build a more persuasive case for approval and reimbursement of their products
  • The global picture: How the challenges of accelerating innovation may vary across key markets and therapy areas