Overcoming challenges in cell and gene therapy trials and patient access

A discussion on how real-world data and patient involvement can boost outcomes

Mike Ward
Head of Thought Leadership, Life Sciences & Healthcare
Alison Bateman-House
Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics
NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Christeen Moburg
Vice President of Patient Advocacy & Government Relations
Sangamo Therapeutics
Kim Stephens
Project Alive
Simon Andrews
Vice President, RWD Engagements and Innovation
Tim Turnham
Vice President of Client Services
VOZ Advisors

Advancements in cell and gene therapies offer an unprecedented level of hope for patients, but present essential differences from the experience with conventional medicines. These unique challenges exist across multiple aspects of the patient journey, from clinical trial recruitment to long-term follow-up, including access to these transformative therapies.

In this panel, patient advocates and industry experts share their experiences, challenges and potential solutions.