Optimizing aspects of supply chain vital to patient care, satisfaction

Since the onset of the pandemic, severe shortages of equipment and supplies have highlighted the current shortcomings of the healthcare supply chain—particularly the difficulty in understanding accurate on-hand supply quantities and real-time utilization rates.  In light of these flaws, the pandemic is best viewed as an opportunity for healthcare providers to embrace progressive supply chain processes such as demand planning, adopting hybrid inventory models, and digitizing supply replenishment, which has proven beneficial in other industries.

In this report, we examine how strengthening the supply chain in these ways can ripple positive effects all the way to the most important end user: the patient. We also explore how the expanding supply chain scope into environmental and food services can likewise impact the patient experience.

With each case study, learn how a leading, best practice provider organization optimized processes such as forecasting, using predictive analytics, and leveraging EVS and food service staff interactions which resulted in a positive patient experience, both during the pandemic and beyond.