On-demand Webinar

Obtaining deep analytics from Darts-ip™ and CompuMark™ data

Luca Arpasi
Director, Product Management
Veronique Van Hooydonk
Senior Solution Consultant

The trademark landscape has become increasingly complex. With over 120 million active marks and counting, brands must remain up to date on the status of their trademarks, as well as those of their peers, to stay ahead.

The new Trademark Analytics Service from Clarivate™ delivers curated and enriched trademark data and analytics from industry experts to help IP professionals create new strategies, protect brands and maximize global potential. Watch this webinar recording to hear from our product experts on how we can make global data more accessible, on-demand.

Topics that were covered:

  • Competitive intelligence analytics: Insights into the entire trademark portfolio and litigation activities of a corporate entity/brand owner.
  • Brand filing analytics: Insights into brand management dynamics and filing strategies.
  • Representative intelligence: Insights into representative activity, success rates and reciprocity of work in and outsourcing.
  • Clarivate data sets: Learn about our global litigation and trademark data sets. Gain an understanding of how we collect, codify and harmonize data, and the ways in which we deliver insights through interactive reports.