On-demand Webinar

Navigating IP Recordals: Streamlining your process and keeping costs down

Sarah Madden
Director Service Operations
IP Recordals
Peter Scott
Commercial & Pricing Manager
IP Applications

Intellectual Property (IP) recordals are a critical component of protecting an organization’s IP assets, but they can be arduous. Without the right expertise, the costs and risks can quickly rise. Processing the paperwork required for IP asset transfers can be confusing, requiring complex supporting documentation and legal procedures across international jurisdictions.

Recordals provide legal protection, deter infringement, and can open up opportunities for monetization and licensing. They also create a legal framework for protecting IP rights and provide a basis for enforcing those rights if ever violated. Without formal recordals, it can be challenging to prove ownership of IP assets, making it difficult to defend IP rights.

Watch our recent webinar, Navigating IP Recordals: Streamlining your process and keeping costs down, where our Clarivate experts share key strategies from hands-on experience working on some of the largest and most intricate recordal projects in history.

Topics Covered:

  • An overview of recordals and why are they important
  • The risks of not keeping your IP portfolio updated
  • The real-world implications of recordals
  • How to carry out a successful recordal