Mitigating COVID-19-related healthcare disruption

Adapting to a post-pandemic environment

Just several months into the COVID-19 crisis, the healthcare ecosystem has been disrupted in innumerable ways, whether you approach it as a payer, provider, administrator, developer of tests and treatments, or from the viewpoint we all share – that of the patient.

As countries around the world begin tentatively finding their way back to a post-lockdown life, the healthcare industries are trying to get a handle on how to deliver care in this new environment. To help get a picture of the challenges they face, Mike Ward sat down with Clarivate experts in epidemiology, market access, commercial success, multichannel engagement and more, for a unique view on what comes next for healthcare companies, their customers, and for patients.

Download our white paper to learn:

  • How patients must adjust to a healthcare system wracked with disruption and inundated with need
  • What challenges HCPs and provider orgs must surmount in treating patients and prioritizing care
  • What pressures payers face in ensuring optimal access to care amid health and economic crisis
  • What sorts of business practices healthcare companies will need to adopt to deliver optimal treatments and services to patients