On-demand Webinar

MedTech Disruptors: Bringing Paradigm-Changing Technologies to Market in Today’s Dynamic Environment

Andrew Lee
Vice President, MedTech Product
Michael Smith
Digital Marketing Manager
WATCHMAN at Boston Scientific
Nick Moro
Marketing Director, Business Optimization and Analytics

As MedTech companies increasingly bring innovation to market, the landscape remains dynamic, with many areas undergoing big changes. 

Many of these innovations have the potential to transform care paradigms. But while the industry is bursting with growth opportunities, some organizations face challenges like lingering supply chain disruptions and navigating a challenging macroeconomic climate when bringing new technologies to market.    

​In this webinar, we discuss areas of opportunity for MedTech breakthroughs. The webinar will feature industry experts discussing:

  • Significant challenges MedTech companies face, including obstacles related to promoting widespread adoption and usage within the healthcare system
  • How they are adapting their market access and penetration strategies to address these hurdles
  • How they plan to adapt their product and sales strategies to accommodate these constant changes