On-demand Webinar

Maximizing Pharmaceutical Protection Strategies with Litigation Insights from Darts-ip™

Abhijeet Patil
Senior Business Solution Consultant
Prof. Eric Sergherart
Director, Content Litigation Strategy

In today’s global and highly competitive pharma and biotech business, you need to monitor the industry for any news related to patented APIs, and especially for any legal proceedings. Also, you need to be aware of new information as early as possible. Your potential strategic advantage may depend on it.

The information is out there. However, it is scattered around the world, very hard to obtain, and typically in multiple languages. Moreover, there’s so much information, it’s very hard to filter it to get only what you’re interested in.

All of this means you need a reliable source of global information that is precise enough to get you just the relevant information. Only a global case law database specialized in IP can get you the exact information in a structured form. Darts-ip™ caters to the needs of the IP professionals in the pharma and biotech industry.

Topics that will be covered:

  1. Litigation Data: Discover Darts-ip. A global case law litigation intelligence provider with over 9.5M IP cases gathered from six key areas of IP: Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Domains, Designs and Unfair Competition. Find precedent, gain jurisdictional insights and obtain case documents easily.
  2. Extracting Strategic Insights: Damages awarded to a plaintiff? How aggressive is a competitor? Where might you face litigation risks? Use global case law insights to answer these questions, and more!
  3. Pharma Specific Tools: Darts-ip features specific tools for pharma professionals to find litigation activity and assess risk based on active ingredients. Use filters to explore points of law, damages, win rates and other elements to find strategic answers to your questions.