Maximizing IP to drive strategic advantage

Abhijeet Patil
Solution Consultant

Intellectual property (IP) is a powerful driver of business growth and innovation. Maximizing the value potential of IP requires alignment with corporate strategy and a thoughtful approach to managing IP assets, including patents and trademarks. So how do you achieve this?

Explore this important and timely topic with two panel discussions featuring Alibaba, AkzoNobel, Ferrero, Henkel, Johnson Controls, and Lenovo and other IP leaders managing distinguished global innovations and brands.

Panel 1: IP strategy—does one size fit all?

Business leaders are increasingly aware of the importance of IP as an element of corporate strategy. However, this is often addressed with a “one size fits all” approach that doesn’t take into account the structural features specific to each industry.

In this discussion, panelists explore:

– What IP strategy means in different industries and regions
– How these differences impact the ways companies protect, manage, enforce and commercialize IP
– Ways market dynamics influence IP practices

Moderated by Vasheharan Kanesarajah – Head of Strategic Development, Intellectual Property Group, Clarivate

Amy Xu – Chief Patent and Technology Counsel, Alibaba
Karl Reichenberger – Vice President of Intellectual Property, Johnson Controls
Uwe Over – CVP, Head of IP, Henkel

Panel 2: Combining patents and trademarks to drive innovation

Top-performing organizations use patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, domain names and trade secrets in complementary ways to advance innovation and bring new products to market successfully. However, this strategic approach varies greatly across industries and regions, with implications for market performance and portfolio value.

In this discussion, panelists explore:

– Varying factors that influence IP strategies
– How and when trademarks and designs should play a role in the innovation process
– How IP practitioners can manage IP portfolios to drive business performance

Moderated by Rob Davey – Vice President Strategy, Intellectual Property Group, Clarivate

Sarah Sahans – Director of Intellectual Property, AkzoNobel
Daniele Lingua – Head of Intellectual Property, Ferrero
John Mulgrew – Chief Patent Counsel/Global Head of IP, Lenovo