On-demand Webinar

Leveraging patent information for impacting your research and innovation breakthroughs

Learn why researchers can rely on patent intelligence to build future roadmaps

Nicholas Solomon
Senior Product Consultant

In this session, we will explore how patent information serves as the catalyst for the latest innovations and technological advancements. By leveraging data and insights from Clarivate, researchers can efficiently identify emerging research trends and find inspiration for their upcoming projects. Gain profound skills to navigate the intricate landscape of intellectual property rights effortlessly, ensuring that your research enhances impact and relevance of academic research.

In this webinar, we will discuss how you can use curated patent information to:

  • Track the latest developments in a specific field of technology.
  • Assess the patentability and novelty of inventions.
  • Prevent duplication of research and development work.
  • Stimulate new ideation and encourage more innovation.

Watch the recording and learn new way of innovative thinking and find novel solutions to solve complex real-world issues.