Integrated patient journey:
How to optimize engagement for a commercial launch

The Challenge

A pharma company brand team preparing for the launch of a specialty treatment set out to better understand this patient population through a longitudinal patient journey analysis, using real world data to track patient behaviors and treatment progression over time. This launch brand was designed to replace an older product which had served as a third-line treatment, while its primary competitor enjoyed first- or second-line use. The brand teams’ key objectives were:

  • Positioning this new therapy for first- or second-line use
  • Optimizing patient engagement


Clarivate assembled a team with expertise in analytics and social intelligence, well-grounded in the commercial and clinical context underpinning the category.


Leveraging Clarivate’s repository of anonymized claims data, the team identified patient cohorts and mapped them to relevant patient demographics. They then blended claims and social data sets to:

  • Understand these patient cohorts in terms of their varying attitudes, perceptions and motivations (for example, treatment drivers among a segment of working mothers in their 40s and 50s)
  • Explore treatment patterns, including diagnoses, treatment adoption and switches, along with the motivations driving them, in order to inform messaging and content that speaks directly to patients in the patient vernacular.