On-demand Webinar

Harnessing the potential of IP Administrative services to empower your organization

Parthasarathy Karmegam
Vice President - Patent Admin Services
Rohit Gole
Lead Business Solution Consultant
Stefan Vollering
Head of Legal - Business & Operations
Nevena Djurdjevic
Head of Trademark Prosecution Department

The pressure to do more with less is only growing. To meet the challenge, in-house counsel and law firms are looking closer at their process workflows – trying to find ways to reduce costs and lighten the burden on overworked paralegal and administrative staff.

Watch our latest webinar where our expert panelists will look at the future of IP administrative services through the lens of real-world experiences, challenges, and thought-provoking solutions. 

Topics covered: 

  • Driving digital transformation of routine administrative tasks through tech enabled IP management
  • Building a long-term portfolio growth strategy
  • Fostering strategic transformation versus of short-term low-cost management
  • Maximizing partnership & collaboration to unlock the potential of IP knowledge expertise
  • Understand how Clarivate can reduce the burden and mitigate risks associated with IP administrative tasks