On-demand Webinar

Future proofing your law practice: Reducing cost and capitalizing on change

Annya Dushine
Senior Director, IP Solution Consulting
Michael Flannery
Vice President, IP Solution Consulting
Ronda Majure
Vice President, IP Group

As the world collectively waits for the next big change, the potential 2023 recession, many law firms are looking for ways to future proof their practice, including opportunities for cost savings and revenue building.

Join us for the upcoming 30-minute webinar, Future proofing your law practice – Reducing cost and capitalizing on change, as our change-management experts with a combined 40+ years of industry knowledge and hands-on experience, share best practices for reducing costs within your law firm. Our panel will share real-world examples for tangible insights.

We will be covering the following topics:

  • Increasing automation and maximizing billable hours
  • Optimizing internal processes to enhance efficiency and reduce risk
  • Reducing fixed costs and improving cash flow
  • Lessening administrative burden to free up time to focus on higher-value, more strategic activities