From the plastics present to a sustainable future

The bioplastics innovation landscape, players and market opportunities

In response to growing consumer, governmental and corporate awareness of the need to radically change our approach to plastic usage and disposal, bioplastic has emerged as a potential solution for a more sustainable future. However, new patent analysis from Clarivate finds bioplastics innovation at an early developmental stage with no dominant company or entity.

Download the new report to learn why the bioplastics innovation landscape is immature but ripe for change. Here are just a few features you’ll find in the report:

  • Factors that are influencing development and wider acceptance of bioplastics
  • Bioplastics innovators and trends from a patented innovation and brand leader perspective
  • How the public, government and businesses are working to create a sustainable plastics future – one where plastics coexist with credible alternatives like bioplastics to best support global societies, economies and the natural world