On-demand Webinar

Four key strategies for drug and device launches

Christoper Martin
Senior Vice President of Commercial
Verona Pharma
Dagmar Rosa-Bjorkeson
Chief Operating Officer
Mesoblast Ltd
Mike Ward
Global Head of Thought Leadership Life Sciences & Healthcare
John Sahid
Vice President, Global Sales Operations
Intersect ENT
Jeff Del Carmen
Chief Commercial Officer
Catalyst Pharmaceuticals

For small-to-midsized drug and device companies seeking to commercialize products, the margin for error is vanishingly small. Setting yourself up for a successful launch requires careful planning and future-proofing your commercial strategy to anticipate barriers and bottlenecks.

This panel discussion, featuring commercial leaders from Verona Pharma, Mesoblast, Intersect ENT and Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, will explore four critical considerations companies can take into account when plotting launch strategy, including:

  • What makes for a successful commercial machine? How are successful small- and mid-sized companies building their commercial organizations, and how can they make commercialization easier?
  • What are key strategies for a winning launch? What best practices should emerging companies employ in planning strategies around market shaping, access and reimbursement, sales force optimization and customer engagement?
  • Where to partner or go-it-alone? How do you approach “build-vs-buy” questions in commercialization and launch? What are companies looking for in selecting partners and how has that evolved in the past five years?
  • What commercialization and M&A trends can we expect going forward? How are market dynamics impacting decisions around commercializing directly vs. selling to established players? Is the traditional division of roles, between entrepreneurial innovators and commercialization machines, bound to continue indefinitely, or are hybridized operating models emerging?