Finding the IP management software that fits your business

Ingrid Baele
Director IP Advisory Services
Peter Leuenberger
Head IP Administration
Rupert Mayer
Executive Product Evangelist

The decision to implement a new IP management system is rarely taken lightly. The process can be intensive and the consequences impactful, so companies want to select a solution that will meet their needs for many years to come.

With so many solutions available, and such diversity in costs and capabilities, how do you ensure you make the right choice? This is the topic we’ll be exploring in our on demand webinar, encompassing:

  • Why we need IP management systems, what we should expect of them and which common risks you should look out for when implementing a new system
  • Which factors are the most significant in determining the suitability of an IP management system for a particular organization, how approaches to IP management differ, and the impact this has on requirements
  • What are some of the emerging innovations in IP management software, and what advantage might they bring to your organization