Finding cost efficiencies in patent portfolio maintenance

Five strategies for corporate patent portfolio decision making.

Facing economic headwinds, companies are looking to tighten the belt around costs, including the costs of patent portfolio maintenance. The financial commitment of maintaining a patent portfolio can be considerable. The official fees to sustain even a relatively modest portfolio over its lifetime has the potential to represent a multimillion-dollar investment.

Intellectual property teams need to be prepared to shoulder their share of budget reductions. This means being prepared to analyze a potentially expansive portfolio and decide what to prune while also limiting the impact on any single business unit or region.

Fortunately, a multi-dimensional review of your company’s patent portfolio may lead to more than short-term cost savings. It can also help strengthen the portfolio and highlight opportunities for monetization.

In this whitepaper, we explore five strategies to help companies take a fresh look at patent portfolio maintenance decision-making and spending.