On-demand Webinar

Evolving your trademark practice with Clarivate

Milan Milojevic​
Head of Brand IP Business ​
Thomas Lunde​
Channel Manager, Product Sales​
Hear from our Brand IP experts at Clarivate™, how we help legal professionals to deliver more value to their clients in a highly competitive legal marketplace.
On the recording of this webinar you will learn how we can help you to:
  • Keep pace with tight timelines with solutions that accelerate due diligence.
  • Differentiate your firm by delivering high-value trademark insights.
  • Protect your clients’ brands from infringement.
  • Reduce administrative burdens with solutions that simplify IP management.
  • Tackle large projects efficiently, without overwhelming your staff.
Count on a single, trusted partner supporting all your critical tasks—from securing trademark rights to managing client IP portfolios.